Management Scientific Method

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1. What to your mind are the three most commonly utilized scientific methods in management research today? In what way are these methods related to each other? Ans. "Management Science is concerned with developing and applying models and concepts that help to illuminate management issues and solve managerial problems." (Source: Lancaster University) A research in management science can be defined as a search for knowledge or as any systematic investigation, to establish facts, developing new theories, solving existing problems; using a scientific method. According to George A. Lundberg, scientific method can be defined as the “method which consists of the systematic observation, classification and the interpretation of the data the main difference…show more content…
Each method has its own advantages and limitations. The advantages with respect to Qualitative research method are, the fact that it provides more detail and depth to the data. This is because, for example, it gives people more scope to answer in open ended questions in surveys or unstructured interviews. This method also tends to be avoid judgemental nature of data collection. On the contrary, this method is more time consuming and hence the sample size is also small. For example, interviews (whether structured or unstructured) can be exhausting and can be conducted only over a closed group of people. Also, personal interviews can sometimes give biased results owing to interviewers influence, perception or misinterpretation. The type of interview also matters in the accuracy of the results, because a telephonic interview may not insight the similar sort of response as equally as a personal interview owing to various factors ranging from motivation to lack of honesty. Subjective responses cannot be generalised or used for comparison. The findings of a qualitative research method are difficult to translate in statistical terms. Since there is no tool to measure or quantify the detailed grievances a respondent mentions in a survey for customer…show more content…
But, it is not always true that Triangulation offers the solution to the limitations of the two methods (qualitative and quantitative research methods.), because they need not necessarily complement each other in every way. There are limitations with Triangulation in terms of it being time consuming again and also the need for additional resources, thus making it more expensive as well. There is a need for academic experience in order to use Triangulation appropriately and in a balanced
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