The Three Phases Of Globalization: The Fast Changing World

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“Globalization: the fast changing world” In the world is flat, it welcomes the idea of “Globalization 3.0”. According to Friedman, “globalization has so far gone through three distinct phases. With each phase of Globalization, the world became just a tiny bit flatter. But today, with the explosion of new technologies, the flattening process is in overdrive”. From the first phase up to the current phase, it shows how globalization works and on how it changes the motion and flow of the world. The first phase of globalization, it explain that during 1490 to 1800, in which the European countries started to open trading with each other and expound with the new world, while the second phase exist from 1800 to 2000 and now we are on the current phase. As I understand globalization 3.0, it enlighten me on the priorities of many countries from time to time, it explain the connection of globalization in international system and in domestic aspect. On how internet can help us to live easily, gather information fast and easy, it is like everything and everyone are independent in technologies, that technology and internet had an important role to us. In short, on how globalization intervene to our life. With this, it made impossible for us to escape globalization, because I believe no one in this world or maybe, if there is, it is only few would choose to live in a way of life that everything is slow and everything is done in hand especially that we are in a modern and industrialize

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