Summary Of Kurt Lewin's Three-Step Model

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These three-step model gives a manager an idea of what implementing change means when dealing with people. The 3 phases of the Kurt Lewin model provide direction on how to go about getting people to change: a manager will implement new processes and re-assign tasks, but change will only be effective if the people get involved in it and help put it into action.
Unfreeze – “ready to change
People tend to get used to the same routine on a daily basis and changes are hard to adapt. The organization as a whole is going in the right direction, similarly, people might have learned to do things one way, without considering the other efficient methods. Unfreezing means getting people to gain an outlook on their day-to-day activities, and open up to
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One of the purposes of implementing the virtual reality learning plan as regards to Lewin’s change model is that it helps to create and establish an understanding of the plan accordingly and specifically. As explained in the model, the Unfreeze phase helps to present the plan to school staffs to get them to recognize the need for change and to search for new solutions. This event is the compound that creates the pressure for movement of attitude or thinking, and for change to occur. And the key to this unfreezing catalyst is communication. Secondly, the change phase, which looks for new and better ways to do things. The behavior may initially be mechanical but the staff will start to perform and behave in ways that support the new direction. When the teachers, students, and school management find the structure and strategy elements all seem well established and it’s effective, to make sure that the improvements stick until a further change is called the freezing…show more content…
It is important to note that planning involves looking at a number of different processes: Identifying the vision, goals or objectives to be achieved. The objectives/goals of implementing Virtual Reality in Education is that it would enhance the teaching and learning which would provide effective and meaningful lessons. Moreover, this plan would be a great asset to make the students involved in the latest information communication technologies with regard to learning. In a rapidly changing world, students require to being actively involved in the latest innovations in order to open their eyes to the present world. Nevertheless, the last objective of this plan is to be competitive in the marketplace since the school is a private school. As the school is a private school purchasing the equipment is not a problem but implementing the program might face some hiccups as change is difficult to
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