The Three Punic Wars: The Rise And Fall Of Rome

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A Latin speaking people in Latium in 1000 B. C.E. found Rome. The people spoke Spanish, Italian and French. They developed the world first republic in a form of democracy, in which people voted for electives to represent them in the government assemblies. The people practiced the religion of Christianity, and it soon became the official religion of the Roman Empire. Roman was divided into two groups. Patricians, who were the descendants of the original family found in Rome, and the Plebeians who were everybody else. Patricians first had the most political power, later on Plebeians gained rights through out history. There were many conflicts about it. Roman did not want to start war with anyone, but they had concern about their own security.…show more content…
known as one of the three Punic Wars. During wars, Rome eventually won at the end with the help of its allies. They won against Macedonia and Greece in a series of war in 200-146 B.C.E. They controlled most of the Mediterranean. There were serious consequences to the victories for Rome, Roman elites carved up the conquered lands and exploited the valuable resources like mines for themselves, people payed taxes, and Rome became a slave economy. There were many negative aspects. Soldiers were gone for almost 20 years, and when they came back they had nothing and became homeless. Since slaves did most of the manual jobs, veterans lost respect and their rights. The rich Roman allies took advantage of the situation and later on caused the fall of the Roman Republic. Christian had a great impact on Rome. A brilliant writer and tireless advocate for Jesus named Paul of Tarsus travelled around the Mediterranean world and visited Christianity. He wrote letters and became part of the New Testament of the Christian Bible. He said that Jesus died for

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