What Causes Refugees

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A refugee, to simply put it, is a person who is forced to leave their home country as they have either suffered or feared persecution, to flee a war or sometimes, escaping from natural disasters.
Today, the increasing number of refugees has caught the attention of the globe as it hit 14.4 million at the end of 2014, which was a 2.7 million increase since 2013. The major countries that contributed to the number of refugees are from Afghanistan, Somalia and Syria, which contributed to more than 50% of the number of refugees. Also, children took up more than 50% of the figures, according to UNHCR.
There are many factors contributing to the sharp increase in number of refugees. The three root causes in my opinion, which contributed most to the
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(CSW, 2015). Religion is one of the most basic human rights an individual has. Having the freedom to change your religion, or maybe to follow the beliefs of certain religions and the rights to not believe in any of them. But today, the freedom of religion has been violated in such a way that they have been forcefully converting the religion of these people. Women were even forced into marriage because of religion persecution. Most of the persecution of religion and beliefs are on-going in societies where human rights are highly violated, usually in countries with corruption and weak government who does not uphold the law in their country. In order to help these refugees under religion persecution, firstly the media has to stop portraying refugees as a negative image to the people around the world. Also, ensuring that refugees are protected against religious intolerance and strengthening the country’s human…show more content…
From my research article, it is evident that war and violence that is on-going in the Muslim countries such as Syria, contributed the most number of refugees as the numbers keep climbing every year. As long as violence and war does not end, the people will continue to flee the country. As it is stay and get killed or fleeing to neighbouring countries holding on to that glimpse of hope that they will survive safe and sound. Same goes to religion persecution. Human rights should be strongly practiced; law and order should be greatly enforced so that every citizen in the country is equal and practice the same amount of freedom. Whereby natural disasters are inevitable, we can only hope Mother Nature would be kinder to all the people living in disaster prone
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