The Three Round Argument Analysis

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The Three Round Arguments

In the first argument between Medea and Jason show how loyalty she is to Jason. She was capatable to betray her family to save the love of her life, Jason. She would do innumerable things to have what she want or need to be happy without care who got hurt in the way. I also can see that she is angry at Jason because he left her to marry pricess Glauce the daugther of Creon king of Corinth.

When Jason told her that he married the princess for her and their children to give them a better life ¨ I shall show you that my action was wise, not swayed by passion, and directed towards your interest and my children¨( Medea lines 549-551). But she did not tell her about his plans before putting his plan in march.¨ One
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She tell him how wrong she was and he was right about his children getting a better life. She also to her children to love Jason and to forget any problem that exist between them. She manipulate Jason with her word and action. She weep for her children.She told him that the children should stay with him in the palace. Medea use her mothehood roll to get what she wants. That he must ask his wife to put a word with her father. Medea plan to send her children with a gift a dress and a golden coronet so that Glauce would be happier and going to convince her father to allow the boys to stay with them. Jason said it was not neccesary to bring a gift to his wife: ¨Do you think a royal palace is in need of dresses? Or gold, do you suppose? Keep them, dont give them away (line 961-962). But Medea tell him that it woul help to persuade the princess, ofcourse it would be an important par of her plan. The gift would be delivered by her children and the princess must recive the gift herself ¨ and above all, see that she recives my present into her own hands. Go quickly; be successful, and bring good news back , that what your mother longs for has been granted you¨(lines 972-975). She sent her children because the princess would not be able to refuse the

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