The Three Signs Of Child Neglect

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Child neglect is when someone is not attending to the needs of a child. When a child is being ignored or mistreated it is likely for them to feel stress, or have aggressive attitudes. Some parents do not realize that their child will mock things they do. Whether it is seeing them do drugs, drink, experiencing illicit sex, or gambling more than likely the parents are disorganized and set bad examples for their children ( 136 ; ch.5). Child neglect is one of the biggest cause of death of young children followed by physical abuse. Signs of child neglect are hunger, poor hygiene, inappropriate dressing, and lack of supervision, physical problems, and medical needs of the child (137; ch.5). Child abuse and neglect laws have three parts criminal…show more content…
According to Synder and Sickmud (2006) one in every four violent crime victims is juvenile and most are female. Most are under the age of 12 and youths are victims of crime twice as often as those over age 25 (148; ch.5). Children go missing because of things they go through in the home. In 1984 a program (NCMEC) was organized to help find and recover missing children. The NISMART has identified 6 types of missing children. Missing benign explanation, missing involuntary lost or injured, runaway/thrownaway, nonfamily abduction, stereotypical kidnapping, and family abduction (154; ch.5). There are two responses to missing children. One is CART, a child abduction response team, which is to bring expert resources to child abduction. Amber alert is another approach that are emergency messages broadcast when law enforcement agencies establish that a child has been abducted and in danger (154; ch.5). It is the responsibility of the state and federal government to investigate missing and exploited children along with the department of health and human services and the justice department. Youths can become victimized by suicide or taking their own life. They are most likely depressed or being mistreated and don’t know the proper way of going about getting help. There are many programs to prevent and reduce child victimization such as Nurse- Family partnership, Building peaceful families, Safe kids/ Safe streets, and many more (159 ;

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