The Three Styles Of Conflict Resolution In The Diary Of Anne Frank

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The Three Styles of Conflict Resolution

During the Holocaust, many people suffered greatly, from the Jews, to even the large number of people living in Europe at the time. This caused a variety of large scale problems that affected lots of people. But how did people get through these problems? Anne Frank from “The Diary of Anne Frank” written by Anne Frank, got through her conflict by thinking positively during the entirety of the Holocaust, and hoping things will get better. Since Anne kept a positive attitude, it helped make living in the annex more joyful for some of those in hiding. Sophie Scholl from “Hitler Youth: Growing Up In Hitler’s Shadow” written by Susan Campbell Bartoletti was well know as publicly fighting against the Nazi’s and their ideas, she was one of the few very brave people during that time to speak up against the horrible events that happened. People might disagree with these tactics though, for example, positive attitudes can lead to becoming naive and believing certain things, making you unprepared for the future. Many people got through these problems and conflicts with a number of tactics. People thought positively to believe things will get better, they fought against the root of the problems to try and stop the problem from continuing, and they tried to forget what happened after the Holocaust ended. These tactics are some of the best ways to respond to conflict, as it will help those get through conflict easier and not affect their lives as

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