The Three Theories Of King Tut's Death

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King Tut has died a mysterious death. There are three theories I believed that have caused King Tut’s death. One theory was murder, I think he might have been murder by Aye and Horemheb. Another theory was an illness. The third theory was a chariot crash. King Tut’s death has always been a mystery and there has been a lot of theories about it.

One theory about King Tut’s death is murder. It is believed that he was murder by Aye, and/or Horemheb. According to the text, it states, “ In fact, a piece of evidence was discovered in 1931 that makes it even more difficult to prove Aye’ innocence. A ring was discovered in Cairo that showed Aye married King Tut’s wife, Ankhesenamun, shortly after her husband’s untimely death.” This explains to me that Aye could have murdered King Tut. Aye must have forced Ankhesenamun to marry him so, he can be pharaoh as quick as possible before anyone else can become pharaoh. Horemheb is also one of the spect. In the text, it states, “ Horemheb made every attempt during his rule to erase all memory of Tut and his father, Akhenaten. He restored the traditional Egyptian religious practice of polytheism, he abandoned the capital built by Akhenaten and returned to the historical capital of Memphis, and he even had King Tut’s name removed from several significant temples and monuments and replaced with his own.” This proves to me that Horemheb must have very dislike King Tut. He could have killed him because he hates King Tut. It seems possible that

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