The Three Types Of Horror Movies

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Do you know what horror means? It contains three main factors, without them there won 't be horror. First of all is tension, it is created by mystery, gore, suspense and terror. Secondly, it has to be relevant to viewers. Finally, it has to be unrealistic, despite all the graphic nature in the films but at some point we know that it isn 't real. Younger people are the most type of audiences that are attached to horror films because they are seeking intense experiences that aren 't exist in their real lives. There are two types of people, each type has its point of view whether to hate or love horror films. Despite the fact that some people are for horror movies because of the big financial income and the unusual feelings, others find it very terrifying because it has consequences on the body and have unrealistic stories. Horror movies are very successful type of movies due to its big financial income. They are continuing to be one of the most successful types of movies all over the world and gain millions of dollars and high ranking in the box office. They are the seventh highest grossing genre in the movie business. Scream, the sixth sense, jaws, the ring, the conjuring, the exorcist, saw II and paranormal activity, are the highest grossing horror films of all time, each one of them has grossed more than $150 million. Horror has been an ideal genre for films because they don 't require expensive special effects and don 't need a big name director or a movie star. Producers

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