Nursing Leadership Analysis

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Introduction First of all , leadership is influence active process to achieve the objectives set its target of an organized group effort . In management is a team of individuals who engage in multiple activities aimed at achieving the goal of organization.(Drucker , 2007). Nursing management includes a high-quality care of a manager who fulfill these functions led by professionals: workload management, bed management, dealing with staff shortages, staff interviews and recruitment, staff appraisals, acting as staff advocate, budgeting, and ensuring resources are available. In this article , I would like to compare and discuss the three types of leadership transactional leadership, transformational leadership and authentic leadership…show more content…
The Assumptions of transformational leadership which are include the ability of leaders to influence others by transforming their behaviors without necessarily being in a position of authority’ (Morgan, 2005) . The aims to generate employees’ commitment to the organization’s vision and ideals, in conjunction with their own individual aspiration and aims for the organization.It takes a strategic view of the whole and about endeavoring to make more radical changes that can present challenges and growth for all transforming. For example , this type of leadership want to improve the working spirit such as make a strong slogan that the others can working hard and responsibility in the working environment .(Zhu et…show more content…
It is exceptions to expectation require praise and reward for exceeding expectations and corrective action is applied for performance below expectations.

Transformational leadership are visionary, balanced, self-aware and confident in breaking professional boundaries, capable of developing collaborative relationships with multidisciplinary team members (Murphy, 2005). , focus on transforming others by creating change and stand proactively in a health care setting .


Transactional leadership has been criticized for lacking the vision for the enhancement of organizational provision.


As a good nurse manager should be balanced, self-aware and confident , well planing , good staffing ,clearly directing ,controlling and decision making which is mix leadership of transformational and authentic.
First of all, the nurse manager should be balanced to everyone of same standard as a authentic leadership. (Egger & Macario,2012).For example ,if patient complaint the nurse of poor attitude ,the nurse manager should know the situation , listening the people who are involved , don’t bias of the nurse or patient , objectively thinking the event to make a decision. If the nurse poor attitude to the patient , she should be punished by nurse manager
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