The Three Types Of Leadership In Nursing Management

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Introduction First of all , leadership is influence active process to achieve the objectives set its target of an organized group effort . In management is a team of individuals who engage in multiple activities aimed at achieving the goal of organization.(Drucker , 2007). Nursing management includes a high-quality care of a manager who fulfill these functions led by professionals: workload management, bed management, dealing with staff shortages, staff interviews and recruitment, staff appraisals, acting as staff advocate, budgeting, and ensuring resources are available. In this article , I would like to compare and discuss the three types of leadership transactional leadership, transformational leadership and authentic leadership , behaviors a nurse manager should possess and exhibit in order to lead a team successfully.


Transactional leadership is successful or within the effective range, it aims to fulfill their role, to maintain balance and harmony in accordance with policies and procedures, and through the establishment of incentives, increase employee loyalty and performance (Avolio,2002).The Assumptions of transactional leadership which are include people are motivated by reward and punishment , social systems work best with clear chains of command , when people have agreed to do a job, a part of the deal is that they cede all authority to their manager and the prime purpose of a subordinate is to do what their manager tells them to

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