The Three Witches In Macbeth By William Shakespeare

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How would the shakespeare drama Macbeth change if the three witches had never been included in the story? It would be completely different, in fact there would be no story! Although the three witches only appear in the play 4 times and their lines are limited they have a dominant and commanding presence. The 4 times they appear throughout the story end up impacting multiple aspects of the play: characters, themes, and plot. From their initial appearance the three witches can be contrasted with catalysts as they work to evolve Macbeth and other characters. Macbeth at the beginning of the play is seen as a meek soldier with small ambitions. Quickly from the interaction Macbeth has with the witches he is transformed into a neurotic power seeking…show more content…
Early on in the play readers are introduced to Macbeth as being a character of high stature. As the witches prophecies entail, Macbeth is rising in the political ranks, starting with Thane of Glamis and working his way up to King! Macbeth is obviously a very honourable and (INSERT WORD ) character. A tragic hero though does not stay very honourable and respectable for long. Readers see throughout the play that with the influence of the witches prophecies Macbeth’s blind ambition leads him down a path of destruction. Following with the idea of a tragic hero though, Macbeth 's biggest flaw is his ambition as well as (((impressionability))). He is so impressionable by the prophecies the three witches provide him with as well as Lady Macbeth 's persuasive words. His ambition blinds him from seeing that the prophecies of becoming king, and not being killed by a man born of woman are leading him to his own death! The Witches also told Macbeth to be bold and brave which lead him to be a little too (((Insert word))) so he does little to protect himself and the castle. The most revealing part of Macbeth being a tragic hero is when the prophecy "The power of man, for none of woman born / Shall harm Macbeth" (4.1.96-97) ends up being construed. Macduff marched upon Macbeth and ends up beheading him because although Macduff had technically been born from a woman, at birth he had been ripped from his mothers womb. This sort of death leads Macbeth into solidifying himself as a tragic hero. It also shows how vulnerable Macbeth was to the witches super natural abilities in affecting his

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