The Tibetan Warrior: A Brief Summary Of The Brave Warrior

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There is a lake on the Tibetan plateau with a promontory connected to the shore by a narrow, low-lying bridge of rocks, negotiable only when there is a sudden lull in the wind which, otherwise, whips up waves, submerging the natural land-bridge. It takes two days of hard riding to circumvent the lake, that is how big it is. The climate is dry, cold and windy, so it takes a long time for dead bodies to decompose, even when they are not embalmed, unless they are immersed directly into the waters of the lake, where fish can feed on them.

An ancient monastery stands on the rocky promontory, sheltering an oracle in its subterranean chambers. The lamas who live there, employ the services of a Brave Warrior to control their wild serfs, who work on the land surrounding the lake, growing vegetables on the thin soil or tending yaks for their milk, wool and meat. The Brave Warrior takes from them whatever he needs to feed and clothe the lamas. Only after he has chosen what he wants, may the serfs have the left overs for their own needs. Quite often, when the weather has been particularly cruel, they are left half starved and shivering.

The lamas had promised their Brave Warrior many riches on earth for his faithful service. They appreciated that he had taken the responsibility off their shoulders for the day to day management of the monastery, leaving them free to concentrate on more esoteric matters of the spirit. After a particularly hard winter, when the Brave Warrior, clad in

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