The Tide Rises Tide Falls Essay

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The “Tide Rises, the Tide Falls” is a poem by Henry Longfellow. This is one that depicts the never ending cycle of life. “Snow-Bound” is a poem by John Whittier, which depicts the difference between warmth and cold, and comfort and discomfort. There are many differences between these poems, through themes, symbolism, and imagery. I have analyzed both poems throughout this module.The theme is the big idea of the poem. In “The Tide Rises the Tide Falls”, the theme is shown as people coming and going no matter what is happening in the world, and shows man’s purpose and the natural cycle of death. “Snow-Bound” is a poem that can mean many different things, per say with a theme. The way it was perceived to me, was a family trying to create comfort from a huge snow storm.…show more content…
In Longfellow’s poem, the symbol is the tide, it represents life coming and going. There are a couple symbols in “Snow-Bound” I believe. The fire represents warmth and comfort, where as the snow represents coolness and discomfort.Both poems display symbolism, theme, and imagery. The authors had different way of using imagery and symbolism to establish the theme, but that is what makes these poems so brilliant! “The Tide Rises the Tide Falls”, is a poem written by Longfellow, to show nature’s cycle. Whittier’s poem, “Snow-Bound”, depicts the the polar opposites of warmth and cold, and comfort and discomfort. Question 2:Emily Dickinson was an amazing poet. She has tons of poems with a common theme of loneliness. Some of these poems with this theme are, “You left me”, and “I hide myself within my flower”. Both depict loneliness, in different but similar ways. Loneliness is a recurring theme in some of Emily Dickinson’s poems. In her piece, “You left me”, she states “Between eternity and time, Your consciousness and me.” These lines show her feelings of distance, and
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