The Tiefling: A Short Story

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I yell as the spear is ripped out of my back. I hold my breath and feel the last piece of the weapon being taken out of my flesh as I see flashes of the past. It had only been a few weeks ago since I sat in my chambers. I had become a full fledged Cleric. I had won my powers and mastered my strengthens. I had started to get past my failures. I was finally happy. And then I came to Dura. There was the dragonborn, who’s unappreciation of his great powers and abilities could be the doom of us all. The gnome, who I was too busy to talk to, still a mystery to me. The Tiefling who seemed to despise me and whose arrogance reminded me of my own mistakes. And the stranger, the introverted and audacious Tiefling, who became a member of our group simply…show more content…
We had tried to negotiate with the sounds on the other side of the door but he decided to attack before we could prove our allegiances. He and the gnome lost the most blood, forcing me to use my healing spells almost immediately to save them from dying. It took the overwhelming power of the dragonborn to take down most of our human-like adversaries, with the rest of the team fighting the remaining enemies. As I slammed my hammer against the last human, the injured Tiefling threw a spear dropped by one of the guards, trying to vanquish my opponent but hitting me instead. I watched as the stranger created a cloud of poison gas and shot it at our last foe, killing him and winning the battle. I return to the present as I wake up hours later, my wounds fully cleaned and almost healed. We are still in the dark chamber. The Tiefling has been talking to the stranger and the rest of the team has gotten ready to continue, almost all of their wounds completely healed. As we walk through the adjacent hallways, I try to use my vision to see what is in front of us, but the pain still stings and eats away at my strength. As a cleric, I know how to heal the hurt but I don’t know if the scar, or the mark of our arrogance, will ever disappear. At least it was not another limb…..for
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