The Most Dangerous Game

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Every second of your life, your stepping into the unknown. You do not know what will happen next until it occurs. That's what happened In the short story the ¨Lady or the Tiger¨ a barbarian King has a unique way of punishment. When he finds out an underclass gentleman is in love with his daughter. Also, in the short story ¨The Most Dangerous Game ¨ A famous Hunter falls off his Yacht and he ended up on ship trap island. Furthermore, he has the problem solved because it could mean life or death.Without a doubt, the short stories ¨Lady or The Tiger¨ by Stockton and ¨The Most Dangerous Game¨ by Connell, Best embodies stepping into the unknown. The author uses character and conflict to help embody stepping into the unknown in the short story…show more content…
Rainsford was on his yacht on his way to the Amazon to go jaguar hunting with one of his pals.In the process, he was smoking his cigar. He dropped it off his hat and when we want to reach for is he fell off and started to hear gunshots. Rainsford said,¨They had come from the right, and doggedly sawm in that direction¨(Conelle 2).Although it takes some thinking, Rainsford step into the unknown when he started swimming towards the island with gunshots, because he did not know what or who was being shot at. In other words, Rainsford did not know what he was going to face when he came up from the shore. This evidence is effective because it helps you understand in depth what is actually happening in the story by using the setting as a key idea. Furthermore, the author also uses conflict when implementing the motif of stepping into the unknown. General Zarraf comes up with an exquisite idea. Instead of hunting with Rainsford, he will hunt Rainsford. Zaraf pronounces strictly,¨Your brain against mine, Your woodcraft against mine, Your strength and stamina against mine¨(Conelle 14).In this case, both of General Zaroff and Rainsford are stepping into the unknown. Ethier of them know what the other is capable of. In Rainsford's situation, e might not even know what himself is capable of since he has never hunted a human before. This is
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