The Tiger Rising Analysis

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In the book The Tiger Rising written by Kate DiCamillo, there is a boy named Rob who finds a tiger that is caged. Rob shows a new girl named Sistine the tiger. Once she sees the tiger all she wants to do is let it go. Also, Rob is in a hard situation because his mom had died not long ago and now he is living with his dad in Lister, Florida in a hotel called the Kentucky Star Hotel. Rob goes to school but isn’t in school for most of the story because he has a rash on his legs and the parents of the kids in his school were complaining that the rash could be contagious, so he was sent home for a few days to let his medication work. Another character in this story is Willie May, a maid who works at the Kentucky Star and who is like a mother to Rob. Throughout the story, Rob and Sistine get into many altercations over telling someone about the tiger and letting it go. Nearing the end of the story a man named Beauchamp, who owned the hotel where he and his father were…show more content…
In the story, it states, “she reached into her dress pocket and took out the wooden bird and bent down and laid it on the top of the tiger.” I liked that part of the story because it is kind of like saying your last words to a loved one that has just passed. I think she also did that to support Rob. Another thing I liked is that the author left you questioning a lot. You were always wondering what was going to happen next. I think the theme of this story is life isn’t fair because in the story Robs mom died, the the tiger dies, Rob get bullied, he has itchy rashes that he doesn’t like, and he lives in a hotel that is not very nice hotel which is owned by a very irresponsible person. I think Beauchamp is an irresponsible person because the story states” he drove like crazy. He gunned for trees and then swerved away from them at the last minute, whooping and hollering the whole
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