The Time Machine By H. G. Wells Analysis

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Herbert George Wells also known as H.G. Wells was an English writer. He wrote different kind of stories, with his wide genre interests, he wrote including novel, history, politics, and social commentary. H.G. Wells was interesting in many things, and tried to tell the audience what he think and what is interesting, by writing some books and novels, with his wide-open genre interests. He mainly like science fiction stories and it looks like he is trying to predict the future by writing a book about it. H.G. Wells wrote especially “The Time Machine”, and people got interested in his novel so they made a few movies about it, both called “The Time Machine”, one of them was made in 1960 and the newest one was from 2002. The novel and
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The film from 1960 showed us how, that The Morlocks and The Eloi’s were living in two places, underground and on the surface. The Morlocks lived in the underground, they did not explain why, but it could have been the “mushrooms”, that destroyed the earth, and since they ran to a safe room under the ground, which could have been the reason why Morlocks were still living in the year 800.000. This also explains why the Morlocks cannot tolerate light, and why The Morlocks is in the working class. The Eloi looks exactly like humans, in the film from 1960, they were all white and they can speak English, but they are stupid, they did not evolve at all. The film from 2002, described The Morlocks and the Eloi apart from the book and the other film, they took a step forward and tried to show the audience something else. The Eloi looks like humans, they were dark-skinned, and they were more evolved that in the book. They are pretty close to our present time humans, since they are fishing, and are some excellent engineers. The Morlocks have different “species”. Some are bred to be fighter and hunters: They are big, muscular, ugly and fast. Others are bred to be clever: They looks like white humans, and speak English, they can control other organism. Morlocks are not affected by light, and does come out in the day. The theory about how The Morlocks survived to the year 800.000, was exactly like the film from 1960, they ran under the ground, because of the moon experiment did not went so well, so the moon actually exploded and did some chaotic things to the world. The book describes The Morlocks and The Eloi a little bit different compared to the films. The Eloi are smaller, more beautiful and fragile. They are not very clever, none of them speaks English, but they speak a simple Eloi language. The Morlocks are small, ugly, violent and white.
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