The Butterflies Themes

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In “The Time Of The Butterflies” is a book written by Julia Alvarez in which a family during the time of Trujillo 's dictatorship in the Dominican Republic. In the one of the themes which was “power” took place was with Trujillo’s bown. The main characters were Minerva, Trujillo, Maria Teresa, Dede, Fela, and Patria. Each sister has different stories going through their lives in the theme of power. For example When Trujillo was sitting down with his son at the girl’s skit they had made it was all going as planned until Sinita got up and walked towards Trujillo and pointed the bow at him. After Ramfis goes up to her quickly and tries to stop her and gets the bow and breaks it and makes her go up to Minerva and untie her with her teeth. This shows a great theme for power because if Sinita would of shot Trujillo it would of been all bad because it would of caused a big rebellion.

In the story during the play all the kids were going to perform for Trujillo and it almost went wrong. At the point when Sinitta is supposed to step forward to show off her bow and arrow she breaks the script and walks up to Trujillo and points at him. Then Trujillo’s
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What did Trujillo do that people didn’t like?Well for example sinita wanted to shoot Trujillo with the bow and arrow because he did bad things to Sinitas family member. Also it seemed like Trujillo was had unequal rights to women in the country because Maria Teresa was talking about Trujillo and his unequal rights” it 's about time we women had a voice running in this country”and it meant Trujillo didn’t like women to go beyond themselves in the country. Trujillo really did have much power and many people just wanted equal rights over it. For example Maria teresa wanted to have power as a women and go to law school and some day make a change around the
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