The Timeless Friendship In The Short Sequel Of Friends

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The fate of the timeless friendship of Ross, Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Monica and Phoebe picks up in this short sequel of Friends. With turbulence (1- Information Theory, Haun 16) within the status of Ross and Rachel 's relationship, the group fears their demise will inevitably ensue. The friends are there for Rachel as they help her decide to take action. Ross widely known as, “the divorcer” makes an effort to clear his name in a not so surprising gesture. Joey surprises everyone when the fate of their friendship helps him realize what 10 years of friendship has been preparing him for. Rachel threw herself into the arms of a complete stranger (2- Theory of Proxemics/ Informal Space, Haun 33) in the middle of a coffee shop and started weeping. As the stranger stood stiff and perplexed Rachel slowly began understanding she had skipped the introduction, blasted through the accepted social distance (3- Theory of Proxemics, Haun 33) and went straight into his personal bubble. Her friends were walking into Central Perk as the stranger was prying Rachel off of himself. Joey, Chandler, and Monica rushed to help him and apologized on her behalf explaining that she was not being herself (4- Theory of Emotional Communication/ Emotional Deviation, Haun 34). The…show more content…
With Ross and Rachel moving near Chandler and Monica to raise their family, Phoebe and Mike trying to have Kids, Joey realized he wanted more than a successful career “I think I want on of those baby things guys, I 'm done messing around I 'm going to look for a permanent roommate.” Ross jokingly hit Joey on the side (21- Touch, Haun 32), “Owe! I 'm serious! I want a permanent roommate like you guys!” Chandler chimed in, “Joe, I think the word you 're looking for is wife.” Joey 's mouth hit the floor. “You guys I matured like a ripe banana! I 'm ready for

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