The Times Of Harvey Milk Analysis

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There are very strong themes throughout the documentary “The Times of Harvey Milk”. The first one that the watcher is exposed to is the importance of community. Harvey Milk was very involved with the people of San Francisco, and is closely tied to his friends and family from around his home. His love for community showed his interest in the people which would eventually lead him to run for public office. In their he would reinforce his ideals about community and revamp the electing system for San Francisco by district rather than by city. This was an attempt to have the government more closely aligned to the people and their needs. Harvey was a populist. Many people of San Francisco wanted their opinions heard and that 's what he tried to do throughout his political life.…show more content…
Zinn talks about the discrimination against gays and lesbians. He finds that “to combat discrimination against them, to give themselves a sense of community, to overcome shame and isolation”(Zinn Online). Community was completely necessary to get what their agenda passed in the country. Community gives people strength and Harvey Milk realized this. This is why Harvey emphasized smaller elections closer to the people. This is why he was an advocate for community, and why he was such a large member of his own community. I commend Harvey Milk for his bravery. There were definitely previous attempts to push for gay rights however Harvey Milk was very open and unafraid of destroying his political life. He truly spoke his mind and never backed on his word. He was not corrupt in the sense that he would not be hypocritical. The grassroots movement was vital and a strong symbol of our country. Harvey Milk is symbolic in sense that he mirrors the image of the United States. He stands for what he believes in and does not back
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