The Tin Flute Book Review

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This term paper makes an attempt to elaborate the portrayal of Canadian women whose survive in Canadian society at the time of World War II, with especial study of Gabrielle Roy’s The Tin Flute (1947). This novel based on the restless period of “World War Second” and the “Great Depression”, explore the suffering of common people and their concern for the future of their young generation. In each and every literature women writers have played an important role, this term paper discussed the agony of Canadian women at the time of World War II. There are innumerable Canadian female writers who excelled in literature. Such authors are Anne Hébert, Antonine Maillet, Margaret Atwood, Angela Carter, Ann-Marie MacDonald, Gabrielle Roy and many others.…show more content…
While Roy’s book is a work of fiction, accurately depicts the times, circumstances, experiences, and feelings of Canadian society. Set in 1939 to 1940, during the first year of Canada's contribution to “World War II”. That is the reason The Tin Flute is based on dark, tragic story of that world where women search for well-to-do men to help themselves, escape the burdens of lower class. Moreover, men sign up for military service and put their lives at risk on the warfront just to escape from their poverty.
The most interesting aspect of the novel is war. The effects of the war on the characters are extremely well done. Impact of war over the society reflects in very starting scene of the novel, close to the beginning when Jean unknowingly met Florentine’s father and his buddies, while they discussed the
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