The Tiny House Movement

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The Tiny Home Movement Like other social movements that have gained popularity in the United States over the years, the Tiny Home Movement is quickly gaining popularity. This essay sheds light on the movement and gives examples of the major Tiny Homes that are in place today as well as the benefits and challenges of permanently living in a Tiny Home. Also, the paper presents my views on whether the Tiny Home Movement is a sustainable design movement. Owning a big house with several rooms has often been the dream of many people across the world. In fact, people with big houses are often considered as rich people as depicted by the movies and reality on the ground. However, a group of people has resorted to living and advocating for tiny houses,…show more content…
First of all, purchasing a tiny house is more economical as it does not tie a person down to paying mortgage fees. According to The Tiny Life (n.p.), 68% of people living in tiny houses have no mortgage. The houses are very economical for single individuals or those with small families. Tiny houses also consume less energy due to their small size. Further, the installation of solar panels on the rooftops serves to reduce expenses on energy consumption. It is also easy to furnish and decorate a tiny home. Decorating and furnishing a tiny home takes a lot less money to make it desirable than a huge house because a tiny house requires less decorating items than a big…show more content…
American people love freedom and moving about, which is made possible by movable tiny homes. For instance, one can move from one town to another within the comforts of their home. Secondly, the movement is sustainable because it has been embraced by the middle and elite class as well as the low-income class. Thus, tiny homes are not a preserve of the rich people. Thirdly, tiny homes are sustainable because they help address the issue of land shortage. Amidst an increasing human population, the available space for house construction is reducing at an alarming rate. Since tiny houses occupy a small space, people are more likely to embrace them, thus strengthening the movement. Lastly, the movement is sustainable due to the increased publicity from the media. Several media organizations, such as CNN, Guardian, Forbes, AP and Huffington Post, have served to spread news about the tiny house movement. In addition, television shows such as the Tiny House Nation and Tiny House Hunter have increased the popularity of the movement. The modernization of the tiny house to encompass wheels has also revolutionized the
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