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The Titanic was mainly built for its amazing size and fascinating, popular luxury. Harland and Wolff were the designers who created the Titanic although it was the second ship built out of three by them (“Titanic”). The Titanic was the largest ship built at the time and the most luxurious ship ever seen. This gigantic ship was also designed with the highest technology for a ship during this time period (Bond). The composition of the Titanic was constructed mostly out of steel plates, which also was supported with six separate water tight compartments. Also the Titanic was shaped with a double – hulled bottom. The structure of the Titanic was measured with a length of 882.5 feet with a width of 92.5 feet and an incredible height of 175 feet.…show more content…
Launching took about sixty two seconds for the Titanic to fully start. While the Titanic was launching it was immediately stopped by the anchors and drag chains. In order to achieve this exciting launch, it was required that the Titanic to contain twenty three tons of train oil for the ship to run (Lynch 22-23). Titanic’s deportation left Southampton on April 10, 1912. The ship had sped up during deportation to reach New York faster (Bond). The Titanic itself could carry a full capacity of about 2,603 passengers, but instead the ship only carried around 1,308 passengers (Maltin 31). Some other information that intrigued passenger’s interest to ride on the Titanic’s voyage to New York was one the captain of the Titanic E.J Smith, who was extremely popular and well-known by many people. According to Kupperberg “He was known as the Millionaire 's captain”. This was his final voyage of his forty year career at sea. The largest interest factor contributing to passengers to go on board was the luxury and comfort ability inside the ship (Bond; 16). The news was filled throughout with the deportation of the…show more content…
The first class passengers had the most luxurious living conditions during the voyage. They were on the top floor of the Titanic just above the second class and third class passengers. Some luxurious spots they had over everyone else included dining rooms, salons, and decks (Kupperberg 9). There were also many rich and famous people on board in the first class. One was the world’s richest man during this time period John Jacob Astor. The President of the Grand, Charles H. Hays, was a famous person who was interested to go on the Titanic’s voyage (Kupperberg 17). The first class passenger’s luxurious state rooms displayed four parlor suites and two wardrobe rooms (Lynch 57). There was an approximate of 329 first class passengers on board. Some benefits that first passengers had over the other classes was that they were waited on by maids and had personal servants helping clean their luxurious rooms. The parlor suites were the most expensive area on the Titanic (Kupperberg 9; Lynch 57). First class passengers on voyage were the highest social class during the early 20th

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