The Titanic: The Sinking Of The Titanic

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The Sinking of the Titanic You most likely have seen the movie Titanic, but do you know the details about what went wrong and how it could 've been prevented. The Titanic shows us that looks can be deceiving. The Titanic was supposed to be unsinkable, but with its fight against a large glacier it sadly was defeated in 1912. Many passengers may have thought they were safe and would make a successful trip, but they were unaware of their future situation. Documentaries and articles have described how they could have prevented the sinking. The Titanic was “unsinkable”, because they had the latest and most ingenious safety devices. At the size of four city blocks, the titanic held two thousand, two hundred twenty-eight passengers. Only seven hundred five passengers survived. With the Titanic’s capacity it could have held forty-eight lifeboats, but White Star Line decided to only carry twenty lifeboats to keep the decks from being too crowded and to cut costs. If the ship would of carried forty-eight…show more content…
Among those flaws were poor quality rivets. Another was that the steel had high sulphur content and became brittle at cold temperatures. The waters that the Titanic was sailing over were a freezing negative twenty-eight degrees fahrenheit. With such freezing waters the ship’s steel became brittle and broke easily. The Titanic was beautiful and larger-than-life, but was severely deadly. The Titanic and all of its passengers could have survived if the ship had been prepared for the worst. Instead of bringing only twenty lifeboats, they should have brought forty-eight lifeboats. The captain could have also called to close the water compartments, but was too late to do so. The ship could have also survived if they would of had well quality rivets and steel that didn’t have high sulfur. All of these assumptions could have saved the lives of those who were aboard the
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