The Tongue Of Habits By Saf Ali Khan Summary

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This excerpt, named “the PRINCE of TIDES”, is a sensational gossip article. It focuses on a Bollywood star and it therefor mainly targets readers who follow Bollywood actors closely. The purpose of this specific article is to interest the reader/viewer about the success of one specific Bollywood actor, named Saif Ali Khan. It goes into great depth on this actors past, his attitude towards life and how he has become the icon he now is known for. In doing so, the author refers to a variety of past movies by this actor including; A Tashan, Thoda Magic and Love Aaj Kal, which further develop his well-known character as a major hero and the “ultimate cool dude” (line 8). Not only does the article speak of Khan’s success story, but it also speaks of his flaws, deeming him a normal human, which creates a strong bond between the reader and the actor. Within the article, the Author has decided to use a variety of stylistic devices, including know-it-all diction, a sensational structure, alliteration and a large amount of flashy adjectives, to develop Saif Ali Khan’s character and the tone throughout the excerpt, as one which is sensational, yet human.
The structure of this article greatly forms its sensational nature. Firstly, the title of this text uses a combination of lower case and upper case letters, in different fonts. In doing so, the title looks like a wave or also like a “tide”. The large quote, which appears as a subheading, acts as an attention grabber, presenting Khan’s

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