The Tonight Show Joaquin Guzman Analysis

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Good afternoon and I’d like to welcome you to “The Tonight Show”. So tonight we will be talking about Joaquin Guzman. Better known as El Chapo the Mexican drug lord. So apparently they found him... again. Surprisingly before July 12, no one had ever thought someone could escape from Mexico's Federal Social Readaptation Center No. 1, better known as Altiplano. El Chapo was not even imprisoned for the reason we're all thinking. It was claimed that in some way he was responsible for many as 10,000 murders,and for making a mockery of Mexico's justice system. He shouldn’t have hurt Mexico’s justice system feelings he should have known they were weak. Since they didn’t really bust him for anything technically. He first broke out of a different Mexican prison by hiding…show more content…
What could he possible do when he’s released go back to being to drug lord. I mean they didn’t want him prison because he’s a drug lord. Plus we already know that when he is released he’ll be in plain sight. He’ll be waving to the police officers with a bag of cocaine in his hand. Why shouldn’t he be released from prison. If they release El Chapo then Mexico can feel very accurate that he won’t escape a third time. Well at least we known Mexico really wants him to escape. They even gave him his own bodyguards to follow him around and help him. If El Chapo bribed people the first two times don’t you think he might bribed the guards. They all escape and go somewhere else. It reminds of how parents would grounded you and you can’t go anywhere. But there was some sort of party you really want to go to. But you get caught trying to climb back into your room so they force, your older sibling having to watch you until they get back. Even though, your parents may have not notice that the older sibling was trying to let you do something your not suppose to. It’s like giving someone a gun and expecting them not to shot it at something. The Mexican justice system is just so
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