The Tooth Age Analysis

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The Tooth Age “CHARGE!!!!!!!!!!”, Elm and his army yelled as they rammed their metal blocks into the evil one’s castle. Deirdre was the most evil and selfish person in all the land and was very powerful. He had a very short temper and got into fights easily. A god named Elm went to talk to Deirdre at his castle about teaming up against Riveria, the deadly water goddess whose dream was to rule the world. When Elm arrived, he levitated over ‘The Death Moat’ and went to talk to Deirdre. Deirdre wasn’t expecting any visitors and he did not desire to have any. He was found in his sorcery lair pacing, thinking of what he could do to stay young eternally. Deirdre took one glance at Elm and was furious that he was there because he inferred that Elm
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