My Trip To Home-Personal Narrative

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Schorndorf, Germany 1924 CHA-CHING! The alarming and irritating sound of the worn down cash register was at the bottom of the endless list of my worries. Life at that point was a tornado. WOOSH!WOOSH! The tornado sucked up every last piece of hope and happiness. Hitler has taken over Germany. BOOM! Next thing you know you’re leaving the only life you’ve known. My shift got cut short because of packing. Even though the trip is scheduled for weeks from now. Weeks Later Things started to change; Silence hovered over the house, dinner was what seemed to be a room of despair, and timed started to run out. “Packed?” Mom asked, staring at the dented floor. Unlike my father, she was supportive of my trip, but shaky on my leaving. She was…show more content…
Day of travel That was it. Eighteen years into my life, and yet leaving home. Mom was shedding tears. So was everyone else. Hedwig has already lost our brother from a cold. BOOM! I’m leaving. Dad wasn't so full of “told you so”’s, but afraid of what I was going to be in. Friends and family said their last goodbyes. I and Gertrude exchanged looks of both scared but excited. As I peered over my shoulder and into my family’s sight, and right at mom. My Dad and Hedwig huddled her like it was a team huddle. Except players don’t drench their self in tears. And also don't have two kids gone already. Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean We’re only one week in, and it had been 99% average, the other percentage was for sleeping at night with chickens. Days were full of card games, storytelling and catching great views of the Atlantic Ocean. Germans are not the only ones, there are a couple hundred people on the boat from all around Europe. I even met a lovely woman from France. Although I had no clue how to communicate with her, I could tell that she was a gracious and admirable person. And not only me and Gertrude wanted to start a new and approved life in America, everyone around us wanted that same
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