The Tortilla Curtain Character Analysis

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Depending on our social class, our feelings toward our possessions vary immensely, and with these fluctuations come separate attitudes facing isolation. In the Novel The Tortilla Curtain, by Tom Coraghessan Boyle, the notion of isolation is conveyed through a variety of characters. Coming from nothing, Candito and America take on the American Dream with open arms, unknowingly exposing himself to the harsh realities of actually completing this journey. On the other hand, characters like Delaney and even more so, Jack Cherrystone, have an abundance of ‘things’. With the exception of one or two characters, the entire community of Arroyo Blanco is compelled by the idea of furthering the isolation between themselves and the ‘intruders’, in order to keep their things safe. The difference in all these character’s isolation depends entirely on how much each person has, and the possibility of losing it.
Initially, Candito believes that he can trust his fellow immigrant brothers, but due to the strain on trabajo, the only person he could put his faith in was América, even if it was unrequited. Due to his lack of wealth, he does not have
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In the case of the Rincón’s, Candito knows what they are going up against, and he is willing to try his suerte once again. América is a dreamer, thinking there won’t be a struggle in the process of achieving these dreams. Delaney and Kyra are trying to protect their conventional family and home, even though they were never in danger. Whether they own many things or nothing, the two families share the same goal: to live a peaceful American life, but the burden of isolation overwhelms to the possibility of living in harmony. Unfortunately, there can only be one victor, for with the advancement of one family, the other recedes. To sum it up: “It’s about Mexicans, it’s about blacks. It’s about exclusions, division, hate” (Page 220), if you aren’t a member of Arroyo Blanco, then you aren’t

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