The Tortilla Curtain Thesis

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The Tortilla Curtain The Tortilla Curtain is a book by T.C Boyle, who is U.S writer. This book explores different themes, but the main one is illegal immigration. The book shows how two Mexicans came to the US in pursuit of the American Dream. Another well to do couple had just moved to Topanga. Their paths cross because one of the Mexicans gets hit by a citizen as he drives home. Both men come to an agreement that they will not call the police because one fears that the police will discover that he is an illegal immigrant and the other one does not want to have any blemish on his driving record. After Candido (the Mexican) accepts some money from Delaney (the white man) he goes home, but after some time his health condition worsens. He cannot find a job because his leg had an injury. Many problems come after that. First, his wife gets pregnant and starts finding some illegal work to sustain them. Candido feels very ashamed as he cannot provide for the family. He accidentally causes a fire as he tries to cook some turkey. The book ends after there is a landslide and Candido helps Delaney. This book puts the immigrants on a pedestal by exposing their lives and all the things they have to go through. It is true that indeed they Tortilla Curtain is a book that supports illegal immigration. The author does this by using symbolism, showing their experiences, showing their positives and presenting the bad side of the citizens. Illegal
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