The Tough Man Victor Ciurte Analysis

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Almost everyone in their life time has had a person that hid a secret to them as it happened to me and in the story “The Toughest Man”. In “The Toughest Man” by Victor Ciurte, Victor family or grandfather didn’t tell him about his grandfather health to not take the opportunity of him coming to the united states. After Victor had settled he called his parents to tell them how he was capable of living on his own. He called his parents but they didn’t answer so, he called his grandparents and his, mother answered the phone and told Victor that his grandfather passed away. After reading the story I remembered of the time that my parents hid a secret from my sister, brother, and I. They didn’t tell us that they were having problems paying for the house we had. There will always be secrets in our life because they don’t want to hurt us. Monday afternoon I was home and someone was calling the house phone and I decided to answer the phone as I answered the phone they told me that the bank already sold the house and that the person who bought the house was going Friday to see the house. After Hanging up the phone I called my dad and told him what the person in the phone said. My dad told me to not worry about it because it was not true, so I decided to ignore the phone call. Then days passed on and we were like nothing was wrong like we never…show more content…
At that time, I was in six grade and I didn’t want to leave because I didn’t know anyone where we were going to move. As in the story “The Toughest Man” by Victor Ciurte, and my story had some similarities because both of our parent hid something from us because they decided it was the best to not hurt us but at the end it did hurt us. There are some differences too and one of them is that Victor had no clues about his grandfather health and I had a lot of clues that my parents were having money

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