The Toughest Challenges That All I Faced In My Life

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The toughest challenge I have ever faced in my life, was trying to be myself. It was extremely terrifying for me when I would see my reflection in the mirror and say to myself, “is that all? Is that all I am?” It was quite impossible for me to accept myself. Especially when I would open my eyes to the world around me and see so many powerful people, and the reflection I kept seeing in the mirror was something much less than powerful. Being at a young age like I was, I felt that it was most important to fit in with everyone else in society and follow everyone else’s ideas and opinions instead of the ones I kept close to my heart, and in my mind. In my mind you couldn 't look abnormal in a world full of “ normal people”,So, I went on with my life and decided to agree with everyone around me that I could never be accepted by the world, and to what I thought at…show more content…
I had lost every bit of self esteem left in me. My anxiety had started to lead to depression, and there wasn 't a day where i didnt feel sorry for myself. Many people had hurt me, but what i didn 't realize was that i was hurting myself the worst. I would cry every time i was yelled at for doing wrong, id walk around with my head hung low because i didn 't think there was any sense of worth left in me. My depression and anxiety were raising farther and farther then they had ever have, my dad was addicted to alcohol, and i would believe him when he said to me that he didnt love me anymore. The people at school would whisper my name in the hallway, but to me it sounded as if they were yelling straight into my ears. I started to lose weight as i would try to starve myself,and people would yell at me because somehow i seemed to do everything wrong. My only friend who had lived miles away, who would always try to comfort me had just passed away from overdosing on pills. A week later my grandpa died, which left me so confused with my life, and so sad with everything that had happened, that i just wanted to

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