The Tower Of Babel Analysis

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The first backlight has to do with the state of events at the time of the Tower of Babel. For the reason that the exact period was not recorded in the Scriptures, some scholars speculate the Tower of Babel happened between 1757
BC and 1996 BC. Amazing Biblical Timeline with World
History puts it around 2200 BC. Again, there are those who doubt the true geographic location of Babylon in
Shinar. There are at least two schools of thought: whilst the first believes Shinar was in the present-day Syria, the second believes it was somewhere in Iraq. There are doubts, therefore, even among Christians on the veracity of Genesis 11:6-9.
For me, however, the exact period of the Tower of Babel project is irrelevant. My argument is that the
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It is also important to note that though the “Moors” who were Muslim inhabitants of the Maghreb, the Iberian
Peninsula, Sicily, and Malta have not been specifically addressed as such in the Holy Bible, they are considered in parts of Africa as dark-skinned people of mixed ancestry or Cushites.
Low African Intelligence Quotient
Having cleared the above misconceptions, we shall now focus on the alleged enemies of Africa: the first of which is the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of the African. Generally, it is the impression of many (including some Africans) that
Africa is underdeveloped because of low IQ. However,
Abrams in his paper, “The Origin of Race,” debunks this impression, alluding:
This false and racist idea concludes that the Caucasian race is the most intelligent with the Negroid race being the least intelligent. This idea originated with Charles Darwin’s false, inflammatory, and evolutionary idea that man is a descendent of primates. He concluded quite unscientifically that the
Negro is more closely related to monkeys and apes
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