The Tradition Of Halloween In The 20th Century

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Halloween has been a tradition that has been celebrated around the world for centuries and in the 20th century it became a holiday celebrated all over the United States. Halloween has many traditions that have evolved over the years. The traditional traditions include: trick-or-treating, pumpkin carving, parties, pranking other people, dressing up in costumes, watching scary movies, and going to haunted houses. “I think pranking is pretty fun and then going with friends and doing it, that’s fun. I think it’s fun being with friends and having fun,” Michaela Eldridge (11) said. Students’ plans for Halloween vary between pranking other students, trick-or-treating, going to haunted attractions, hanging out with friends, and staying home to watch scary movies and hand out candy. Avery Brown (11) is going to go to her grandmas house and make popcorn balls, and go to the Haunted Pirate Ship on Halloween. Tucker Henderson (12) said he is going to light up two giant metal pumpkins - one is a jack skeleton and the other is a normal jack-o-lantern. He said his family has been doing…show more content…
I felt really bad, but it was funny,” Isabelle Hyde (9) said. Dante Vitelli (9) said that he went toilet papering once. Students want to do even crazier outings on Halloween sometime in the future. “[I want to] be apart of a haunted house and scare kids…I bet it’d be funny seeing their reactions,” Tylar Dalley (9) said. “I want to go toilet paper someone, so bad,” Brown said. Hyde wants to go to a super scary haunted house attraction. Even though Halloween has been a holiday that many look forward to, students think that it was more fun when they were younger than it is in high school. “It is just another day to me,” Brown said. “I got to dress up and beg people for candy.” “I looked forward [to Halloween] more when I was younger, but now it is a time to have fun with my friends,” Eldridge

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