Tragedy In Roald Dahl's Life

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Beloved storyteller, Roald Dahl, was born on September 13. 1916 in Llandaff, Wales to Norwegian parents Harald and Sofie Dahl. He had four sisters and two much older half siblings from a previous marriage of his father's. Tragedy played a large role in Dahl's childhood. When he was only three, his sister Astri died at the age of seven to appendicitis and about a month after her death his father died due to a bad case of pneumonia. Sadly this wouldn't be the last time that tragedy struck the Dahl family. Before Dahl's father passed away, he insisted that Roald attend English school because “they're the best in the world.” So Sofie Dahl sent little Roald off to boarding school in England where he would be – unknown to her – abused and starved by his professors and the headmaster. One thing that kept him going though, were the letters he exchanged with his mother and continued to exchange with her until she passed away. While attending high school, the boys in his dormitory would receive packages every so often from the splendid chocolate manufacturers Cadbury. These packages contained twelve chocolate bars for the boys to taste, rank, and comment on. This sparked Dahl's imagination as a boy and filled his head with dreams of one day working for the Cadbury company and being…show more content…
The story is a detailed account of Charlie Bucket, a poor little boy, who loves chocolate and ends up with a prized ticket into Mr. Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Charlie had no idea that he would end his day at the peculiar factory as its owner! Mr. Wonka had tricks up his sleeve throughout the day and the four other children who had tickets ended up hilariously unable to finish the tour of the chocolate factory. Charlie Bucket won the “contest” and his entire family got to live at the factory and help run
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