The Tragedy Of Macbeth's Tragic Hero

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In the story of Macbeth, the story’s protagonist, Macbeth, is shown as an example of a Shakespearean tragic hero because he shows the characteristics of Aristotle's’ defined tragic hero. A result of Macbeth’s demise is caused by the tragic flaw Macbeth has, which is ambition. Macbeth’s development of character is shattered from a man of nobility to his own destruction. “A tragic hero is a person of noble birth with heroic or potentially heroic qualities,” all which Macbeth meets the standard of. Macbeth’s tragic flaw is ambition, Macbeth desired more that he had, and sacrifices his honor, mind, life, and relationships to have authority and power. Macbeth is an example of a Shakespearean tragic hero because he displays all the characteristics and because of Macbeth’s tragic flaw, ambition, which ultimately leads to Macbeth’s downfall.
Macbeth portrays the Shakespearean tragic hero, because he has all the characteristics and qualities of one. A Shakespearean tragic hero is a figure of high statue with a noble background. The person is mainly good, but is
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As a result of Macbeth’s ambition, he creates a path of destruction, thinking that in the end, he will gain ultimate power, authority, and success but really ends up establishing his own death. Macbeth’s ambition steers Macbeth in an aggressive and murderous trail to the throne. Macbeth’s ambition is his tragic flaw in which he suffers from. After the witches prophecy, Macbeth’s crave for authority led him to kill King Duncan. When Macbeth was crowned King, Macbeth entered dangerous paranoia, frightful that anyone with bloodlines to the throne, was a threat. By the end of the play, Macbeth is responsible for deaths, all in aspiration of keeping his kingship. Macbeth’s ambition prevents him from seeing his violent path, no longer leaving him a noble
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