Volumnia's Tragedy In Langis 'Coriolanus'

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The tragedy of the tale Coriolanus can be interpreted as the imminent downfall of a hero, in which leads to his loss of status and his inevitable, but untimely death. Throughout this prose, the complex dynamic of influence and stature between conflicting characters creates a convoluted investigation as to who is really to blame for his tragic death. In Langis’ analysis of “Coriolanus”, she postulates that Virgilia’s ‘insistent femininity’ (Coriolanus: Inordinate Passions and Powers in Personal and Political Governance, 19) and her sincere and innocent presence within Coriolanus’ life plays the most crucial role in the evolution of this tragedy. However, I would argue that Volumnia’s presence, instead of Virgilia’s, is more significant within…show more content…
Only There’s one thing wanting, which I doubt not but Our Rome will cast upon thee. (II,i,83). Usually this would be considered an act of nourishment to acquire what is deserved, however it places Coriolanus at a disadvantage, as he is unable to accurately discern his intentions to the Plebians without consequence. Volumnia aware of his shortcoming, continues to prompt this task, in an attempt to better not just her son, but her place within the patriarchal politics of Rome, leading to Coriolanus’ exile and eventual death. Coriolanus, in what should be an epic of his vast combatic achievements, becomes a tragedy with his retreat from his initial choices, stemming from the influence of his mother, leading him to compromise himself as well as the concession of Rome’s security. In an attempt to exact revenge on the city he once protected, Coriolanus leads the army of Volscians to march on Rome; his conviction cannot be resolved as is described, Wife. mother, child, I know not/ My affairs Are servented to others/ Though I owe My revenge properly, my remission lies In Volscian breasts/ That we have been familiar, Ingrate forgetfulness shall poison

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