Elements Of A Tragic Hero In Antigone

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Everyone knows of heroes for overcoming obstacles to better their citizens, however we rarely highlight the story’s tragic Hero. The tragic hero is much different than your average hero. The tragic hero has particular criteria it must meet based on Aristotle's paper, “The Tragic Hero”. In the Greek play, “Antigone” written by Greek philosopher Sophocles, we are introduced to a young heroine named Antigone, Who’s bravery ended up causing her downfall. The play “A Doll’s House” written by Henrik Ibsen introduces us to another heroine by the name of Nora, who foils Antigone’s personality by being reserved and nieve. Based on Aristotle's criteria for a Tragic Hero Antigone hit more of the areas needed to be a tragic hero at a deeper level than Nora and therefore is the Tragic hero. This criteria includes areas such as, external circumstances beyond the characters control, their tragic flaw, reversal of the characters expectations, and finally the hero recognizes their error in judgement.. Although both characters fill the needed criteria to be a tragic hero, only one of these women can be considered the best fit for the title. External conflict is something completely out of…show more content…
During this talk with her husband she is finally acting like the adult she is when saying,” Our house has never been anything but a playroom. Here I was your doll wife…”(Ibsen). This is a huge recognition moment for her, because she realizes how poorly she has been treated but also that she was so naive and never had enough in her to stand up for herself or do things on her own. She follows up her doll house allusion by making the bold statement,” I have to educate myself… I have to do it by myself. That’s why I’m leaving you,”(Ibsen). Nora finally understood what she needed to better herself and was done being a ‘stupid women’. This very deep recognition makes her very qualified to be perceived as a tragic hero over Antigone’s recognition that she is not
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