Sarty Snopes Character Analysis

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In the story called “Barn Burning” is about a father and son strain relationship. A ten year old boy named Colonel Sartoris Snopes is the protagonist. He is a tragic hero that goes against his father wishes. Sarty Snopes has been force to burn barns with his father and lied about doing the senseless crime. He wants to please his father desires. At the beginning of the story his father Abner Snopes is at the Justices of the Peace court. Abner Snopes is accused of burning Mrs. Harries’s barn and his terrified son is called to testify. At this moment “Sarty” know that he has to lie about his father senseless crime. The judge rules that it is too much pressure for a little boy to answer the harsh questions. The judge over rules the father court…show more content…
Abner Snopes tells his son that he has to be loyal to his family or he is going to end up alone. This cause a dilemma for Sarty because he was to be loyal to his father, but he wants to do the right thing with the court of law. The development of the character changes was gradual and obvious to the reader. When Sarty saw De Sapin maison represents a better life. Abner Snopes would abuse his son and one particular moment Sarty realize that he did not want to live in fear with his father rules. In this context it is believable that Sarty wants to do the right things from now on,"If I had said they wanted only truth, justice, he would have hit me again." But now he said nothing. He was not crying. He just stood there”(Faulkner, 3). What motivate Colonel Sartoris Snopes is a significant change in the story because he goes against his father desires about warning De Spain that the barn is going to be burned. He left his family behind and heard gunshot when he look back he saw the barn burning. Sarty deals with his decision is that he never looks back and is relieved that he does not have to live in fear. If Colonel Sartoris Snopes is place in another story he would react with doing the right thing that give him
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