The Tragic Hero In Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

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In Things Fall Apart, the main hero Okonkwo is the central character viewing tragic hero. The 1958 novel has depicted the series of tragedy about an ambitious man. Chinua Achebe, the writer reveals fear of social compromise, worst crime, masculinity, harshness, Colonisation and its impact. Okonkwo being the proud man in the Igbo society dedicate in preserving his heritage, culture ancestors and clans. He being traditional and inflexible man of fear from falling opposes to change his Igbo village to modernise into new world. From his very young age he builds up instincts about white and black differentiate. For Okonwkwo wrong stands for blacks and right stands for the whites. Hence, he decides to choose yam crops to grow in his family because it signify manliness. He compromises at the age of eighteen in his first wresting match to uphold his culture and defeats the undefeated wrestler called Amalinze. Thereafter, he is recognized a famous person in the local village. After two inter-tribal wars, he earns two titles. The novel in the end conveys that the events are witnessed and threatens religion and the result represents falling apart in the Igbo society. (Acehebe, 1958) Though Okonkwo proves an ambitious hero, he is affected by his internal fear that has ruled his entire life. Infact, He deeply fears nothing but himself just because he don’t want to have the feminine and weak qualities like his father Onoka. He is compelled to kill of his step son (Ikemefuna), just

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