Why Is Hamlet A Tragic Hero

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We know that Hamlet is a tragic hero , for various reasons in the play , all the suffering he goes through , the death of his father which had a big impact in his life and the whole play , being the reason why Hamlet wants to get his revenge no matter what , disregarding the consequences There are multiple reasons for Hamlet delaying the death of Claudius. one of these reason being his mental health. After the death of his father, Hamlet becomes very sad and many think that he begins to go insane. Hamlets insanity affects all aspects of his life. He begins fighting with ophelia and his mother, he is becoming indecisive and his subjects become weary because he is the next heir to the throne. People begin to hate him as he becomes a cruel…show more content…
When Hamlet is talking to his mother, he hears someone behind a curtain in his mother's room. Assuming this to be Claudius,listening he stabs the person behind the curtains and kills him without first checking.And unfortunately, it was Polonius who was listening to the conversation between Gertrude and Hamlet and Polonius was killed instead of Claudius. The final time Hamlet tries to kill Claudius, he succeeds . This occurs during the last scene of the play.But,what Hamlet did not know is that he has already been poisoned by Laertes’s sword causing Hamlet to die soon after killing Claudius and this all comes down to hamlet being a tragic hero , because everything that happened to him , was mostly suffering through the entire play. In my opinion, Hamlet’s procrastination led to his downfall and death, as well as the deaths of many others in the play. If Hamlet had believed his father’s ghost when he told him that Claudius had murdered him and acted on his revenge immediately, Hamlet would have been able to catch Claudius off guard before things got out of hand. If Hamlet had done so, he would have had the ability to prevent all of the other needless deaths. In conclusion, the word of his father’s ghost should have been enough for Hamlet to act and carry out the revenge for his father which can be called as a
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