Theme Of Nobility In Macbeth

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The tragic hero demonstrates how a character in a pla, or a movie starts out with good qualities and everyone like them. Towards the end they have a tragic death. In the play Macbeth this is shown. The main character Macbeth starts out a good leader and a Scottish general, when you get further in the story he starts to show the other stages of the tragic hero. In the play Macbeth shows the nobility element of the tragic hero. He shows literal part of nobility more. Macbeth shows the literal part of nobility when king Duncan say that Macbeth will be crowned thane of cador:(1.2.11). This shows the literal part of Macbeth nobility because it is showing that he has royalty. Another example of literal nobility is when the readers find out that…show more content…
Macbeth shows his downfall when the English army comes to his castle and an English soldier starts to call him a “tyrant”(5.2.12). This demonstrates Macbeth's downfall because everyone used to think that he was a good strong leader and that he could do anything. When everyone realized that it was Macbeth who killed king Duncan and the others, they were disappointed in him. His downfall ended up leading to his punishment. In the play everyone finds out that that Macbeth killed Duncan and the others, Macduff brings an army to attack Macbeth at his castle. Macbeth and Macduff starts to fight and his punishment was that he got his head chopped off. Everyone started to say “here comes newer comfort”(5.8.53). This shows his punishment because he got killed for his actions. He killed multiple people and thought that he would get by with it. Everyone was relieved when they found out the Macbeth was dead. Both of his downfall and his punishment lead to a catharsis. The catharsis that happened was when Malcolm becomes the king of Scotland(5.8.127). This shows a catharsis because when Macbeth got crowned king he made Scotland fall apart. Maybe now that Malcolm is the king he can get the country back to the way it
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