The Tragic Hero In William Shakespeare's Othello

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William Shakespeare one of the greatest authors of all times (baptized on April 26, 1564 to April 23, 1616) he was an English playwright, actor and poet also known as the “Bard of Avon” and often called England’s national poet. Born in Stratford-upon-Avon, England, he was a remarkable member of the Lord Chamberlain’s Men Company of theatrical players from hardly 1594 away. Written archives award a few reference of the way in which Shakespeare’s professional life shaped his artistry. All that can be deduced is that, in his 20 years as a playwright, Shakespeare wrote plays that catch the complete area of human feeling and struggle. Known throughout the world, the works of William Shakespeare have been performed in uncounted villages, cities…show more content…
For somebody to be a tragic hero, they must first have a noble nature. Othello can be called a noble character because he is one of high social position and he has a real heart. Othello, in spite of coming from a violent past, is a worthy war hero and the general of the Venetian military. Along with his social figure, He also has a gracious heart. Although he is represented as violent sometimes, Othello’s loving nature can be seen in instances such as when he speaks about Desdemona. These traits are deeply loved among characters of Othello counting Iago who confesses that Othello is “of a constant loving, noble nature [and] will prove to Desdemona A most dear husband” (2.1.290-292). Othello’s graciousness is fairly marked; though, he does have behaviors that can be…show more content…
Othello is a tragic hero because of his tragic mistake. There are many unwanted behaviors in Othello, like his jealousy and lack of caution. Nevertheless, the center of these troubles and his major tragic mistake is his lack of confidence because he is the only black character and an outsider in Venice. His weakness makes him an effortless objective for Iago to use his mind; he starts to accept as true that he is poor for Desdemona: “She’s gone, I am abused, and my relief must be to loathe her. Oh, curse of marriage that we can call these delicate creatures ours and not their appetites!” (3.3.283-286). Iago was simply able to persuade Othello that Desdemona has been disloyal. However, Othello doesn’t recognize his lack of confidence have taken over his life until it is too late and his tragic ruin has already strike rock bottom. From my point of view, Othello is a tragic hero because he is noble, he suffers from a fatal tragic flaw and he goes through a tragic downfall. All these traits that Othello exhibits lead him to be known as one of the most well-known tragic heroes in all of literature. And Iago is person who is full of hatred and jealousy towards anyone who is in a position higher than him; he can’t control his jealousy and begin doing actions which is not suitable to his position. This leads to destroy all the people whom around him even the people he

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