The Tragic Hero: The Battle Of Daphne Nephele

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Long ago, in a far away land, war plagued the air like a viral disease. Two countries clashed on their borders, one fighting for the rights of its people, the other fighting to prove a point. Many thought the war would be over quickly, due to the military strength of Tiber, the king of Tethys, but no one anticipated that Daphne Nephele of all people would allow the normally peaceful Titanite of Nyx to open fire on their assailants with every ounce of magic in their beings. With the body count mounting on both sides, and neither ruler willing to admit defeat, Nemesis Senecus, the wife of Tiber, planned her own elite ambush on Nyx. Her small troop broke the war lines under the guise of a fleeing family of refugees, and soon, they had infiltrated…show more content…
This war has gone on long enough.” The two women fought, Daphne using her magic, and Nemesis using her pure brute force. Then, just as both were within range of a kill, loud, shrill cries could be heard echoing from a small outlet room. Daphne turned her head instinctively, allowing Nemesis to strike a deadly blow. Nemesis was about to flee the crime scene, when more cries rang out. Upon investigation, she found a cradle, and inside the cradle, a crying little girl. Carved into the edge of the cradle, “Pallas Nephele.” Surely, thought Nemesis, this could not be the daughter of Daphne? Magic affects the genes of those who hold the power to use it, giving them brown hair. The darker the hair, the stronger the magic. Daphne’s hair had been nearly black, though the little girl in the cradle only had pale white hairs coming out of her head. “My lady?” One of her servants asked from the door. “What is to be done with the child?” “She is too much of a danger to be left alone if she really is a child of Nephele. If she holds even a fraction of her mother’s power, leaving her to hone it and destroy Tethys would be a grave mistake. I will take her with me back to Charon, and raise her as my own.

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