The Train Crash Book Report

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Alex decided to visit his parents during the weekend for their anniversary. For Alex to get to his parents he went on a train, which traveled 100 mph fast. He gets to New York in two hours, Alex was so happy that he’s going to meet his parents. Then Alex waited patiently and reading his book. Then he heard something under the train where he was sitting. But Alex didn’t bother the sound that he heard. Alex continued reading his book, and they get to New York nearly to the train station. Then they feel the train moving, and all of the sudden they reached to the place where it curved and they were traveling at 100 mph fast, then the train crashed and explode. Alex was so lucky and all of the people that were in that place were Alex
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The police came to the explosion and all other emergency people for safety. Then Alex told the police that when the train started too crashed and he already knew something was gone happen. Because the place were Alex was sitting, were the one that playing up the whole thing. Then the police started for their investigation on how did the train crash and explode in New York. On that day during the train crash there were more than 200 people injured. All over them were bloods and some big scratches on them. Because those people were in the fourth class of the train were was Alex sitting. And for them they were lucky because they haven’t been killed. So they went on the hospital for their safety. Then for Alex he never went to meet his parents for what happen to him. There were also 8 people
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