The Trait Theory: The Central Tenets Of Trait Theories

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This essay will discuss the central tenets of the trait theories and give a description of what each theory entails drawing from different theorists perspectives. One theory will be chosen and applied to a specific character and then a profile will be built on the character chosen based on the theory to which he or she fits in. 1. The trait approaches and their theorists

1.1. Carl Jung- extroversion and introversion

Carl Jung is one of the theorists that assisted in the launch of trait approaches. Carl assisted by the implementation of the terms extroversion and introversion in the theory of personality. Extroversion according to Jung means that individuals are orientated toward things outside oneself and introversion means that an individual‘s
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Individuals who are the opposite are those considered to be introverts and tent to be shy, submissive and quiet. Agreeabiness is dimension that is made of people who are cooperative, trusting and warm the people who have a low level of agreeable are usually cold, quarrelsome and unkind. Conscientiousness refers to people who fall part of this dimension are cautious, dependable organised and responsible. Impulsive people tend to be careless disorderly and undependable. Neurotism is referred to as emotional instability. These people tend to be nervous, high tense, moody and worrying. The opposite is true for those who are stable emotionally and they are calm and contented. Openness refers to people who are open and generally appear imaginative, original and artistic and those low on this dimension are shallow, plain or simple (Friedman & Schustack,…show more content…
According to her government profile, it states that Thuli is a human rights and constitutional lawyer, equality expert and policy specialist. She holds a sting of degrees to her name which BA Law, LLB, LLM studies and legal course.
Thuli was appointed by the president as South African 3rd public protector in October 2009 and is to end her term or service. Her duties involve investigating the complaints against government agencies or officials. She has to her, power to recommend corrective action and issue reports. Her services are free and made by the president based on the recommendations of the national Assembly.
Advocate Madonsela has the right to investigate government at any level, any individual that performs a public function, corporations and companies where the state is involved and statutory Councils.
The personality trait theory that will be applied creating her profile will be the Big 5 theory. Extroversion, according to the theory a person who is extroverted tend to be energetic dominant, sociable and talkative. However that is don’t the case with advocate Madonsela, she comes across as someone who is quiet, shy and retiring. Thuli is hardly in the media seeking for attention publicising her

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