The Traits Of Good And Bad Leader In Lord Of The Flies

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Leadership is something that stands out. Good leadership is always important. You always want to follow the strongest person in the group right? Well in the book called “Lord of the Flies” Ralph is a better leader than Jack. Some reasons include Ralph has a goal or clear vision of being rescued. Or that Ralph really communicates with the boys, and he is confident and dedicated to being the leader. To begin with, Ralph is a better leader than Jack because he has a clear vision and goal to be rescued. A clear vision, according to the text titled “The Traits of Good and Bad Leaders” means “vivid picture of where to go, as well as a firm grasp on what success looks like and how to achieve it.” Ralph knows where he wants to go, and that is being rescued. In the book Ralph states “We want to be rescued; and of course we shall be rescued.” As Ralph said he wants him and the boys to be found.…show more content…
According to “The Traits of Good and Bad Leader” enthusiasm means “People will respond more openly to a person of passion and dedication.” In the story we see Jack being dedicated to trying to be the leader when he starts telling everyone what to do. In the book Jack says “ Ralph, I’ll split up the choir - my hunters, that is - into groups, and we’ll be responsible for keeping the fire going-” This shows that Jack is taking charge. Jack is enthusiastic because eventually everyone is listening to him. However Ralph is still a better leader. All in all, Ralph is a better leader. Some reasons include, Ralph having an clear vision, having communication skills, and him being confident and dedicated to being an leader. However being a better leader is not about having the most power. It's about having a better understanding of people. So ask yourself, would you be a good
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