The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

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The greatest slave trade stage was enslaved people transportation from West and central Africa to the New World- America. The trans-Atlantic slave trade was the largest forced movement and prior from the 16th through the 19th centuries. The salve trade between Western and Central Africa and the America reached its peak in the middle of 18th century when over 80.000 Africans annually crossed the Atlantic to spend all their rest of lives in chains. “For three centuries the white man seized and enslaved millions of Africans and transported them, with every circumstance of ferocious cruelty, across the seas.” (Morel.1903) Approximately from the 10 to 12 million Africans from the central and western parts of continent were sold by others Africans…show more content…
There was created a circle Europe provided Africa by manufactured goods; from Africa to America were trafficking slaves; and Europe gave raw materials from America. The slave trip across the Atlantic Ocean was called “Middle Passage“. Typically to cross Atlantic took 60-90 days but sometimes it take four months. People were suffered from hunger and diseases. A lot of people died in the way to the ship. Men were chained by each other’s packed in cargo they had to lie in each other’s blood and urine. The development of the Atlantic slave trade enslaved far greater numbers of Africans and increased exploitation of slave labour from Africa to New World. Slaves were exported from Africa to America for a hard work firstly had to endure inhuman conditions in…show more content…
Europe abolished the trans-Atlantic slave trade only because its profitability was undermined by the Industrial Revolution. It is not surprising, one of the first European countries abolished the slave trade was Britain. However, slave trade during the four centuries made a lot of damage. Although, slavery and slave trade is eliminate consequences such as racism is conspicuous even today. Slave trade was knowable before colonisation it was implementing between tribes or ethnic groups. Arrivals enlarge it hundreds of times and using it in order to profit. Slave trade caused by need of labour, desire of money and other reasons became tragedy of all people especially Africans. In colonialism era millions African people were enslaved and transported to other continents. A lot people from Europe, New World and Africa participated in slave trade as merchants. At the same time there was destroyed local social political economical structures and dignity of
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