The Transatlantic Slave Trade

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A. Using Azevedo’s Chapter4 summarize the history of the transatlantic slave trade highlighting how and why it was conducted Transatlantic slave trade was conducted in the period between 1500 and 1900. It involved obtaining people from West and Central Africa and transporting them across the Atlantic Ocean to South America, North America, and Europe as an item of trade. The people that were obtained from Africa and exchanged with either gold, spices, or silver were termed as slaves. The transatlantic slave trade involved Europeans, Asians, and Africans. West Africa was the main supplier of slaves and the main trading regions for slaves were Gold Coast, and Benin. War captives, and people with socially unacceptable behaviors were the main people traded as slaves. Transatlantic trade only benefited Europeans. As a result, they invested much in the trade by getting several Africans to find them energetic slaves. Greedy Africans acted as middlemen by getting well-body built Africans, war captives, and socially evil person then selling them to the European and Asian traders for gold, iron bars, and jewelry. The traders would then transport the slaves and sell them to America plantations. The Transatlantic trade was conducted because the large scale plantations in both North and South America required large labor force (Azevedo, 1998). By then, only man power was available hence investors had to source labor from Africans as they were masculine, and resistant to most of the
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